WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The 30th District Courtroom was full of excitement on this first day of 2023, with family and friends supporting their loved ones as they take the oath of office and step into their new roles.

“It’s exciting more than anything else. This has been a combination of over a year with the election and then getting ready to take the job and so I’m excited and ready to do it, It’s real, here we are,” Wichita County Judge Jim Johnson said.

Perhaps the biggest change comes in the form of the new Wichita County Judge Jim Johnson, as he is the new county judge after Woody Gossom’s more than two decades of service.

“Learning the job and doing it well and getting my feet underneath me is step one, especially what I want to do is the budget process and making some refinements in that making sure that we’re getting the best bang for our buck for taxpayers is a big thing I want to do,” Judge Johnson said.

Lucky for Judge Johnson, he’ll get to work beside some County Commissioners who know a thing or two about what it’s like to work in county government

“I look forward to continuing doing the business of the county and making the best decisions that I can and represent the people that I’m here to work for,” Wichita Cunty Commissioner of Precinct Two Mickey Fincannon said.

All in all, the 14 leaders that were sworn in say they just aim to do their best at the same common goal: bettering Wichita County and its citizens.

“We have several new elected officials so far I’ve had a good relationship with all of them coming on board I hope to see how it all works out but I don’t see any problems at all,” Fincannon said.

“We’ve got a good set of commissioners that I get to work with so no doubt that whatever challenges come our way we’ll be able to handle it,” Johnson said.

Hoping for a prosperous year for all of Wichita County. The full list of everyone sworn in can be found below.