Update: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Nocona General Hospital wants to put some patients at ease after a potential hack to their system.

According to the hospital’s attorney Brian Jackson, they have found no evidence of a breach of the hospital’s main patient database.

Jackson said the files accessed by potential overseas hackers were apart of patient transfer files and the amount remains unclear at the time.

And whether they never actually received it or if they never saw it, due to being from outside the organization, Jackson added they have yet to find a ransom email.

According to reports, hackers have published extensive patient information from two U.S. hospital chains including Nocona General Hospital.

It’s possibly this was part of an attempt to extort the chain’s for money. The report states tens of thousands of files were posted to a blog on the dark web.

They include patient names, addresses and birthdays, and also their medical diagnoses. NBC reports the hacker group is well known to cybersecurity researchers.

First they encrypt their victims’ files and then demand payment, but that’s not the case with Nocona.

In fact, an attorney representing the firm told NBC Nocona did not appear to have been a victim of ransomware.

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