Nocona General Hospital close to finishing remodeling project

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Big changes are coming to Nocona General Hospital that will include upgraded patient rooms, an expanded nursing station, and administrative area.  After some delays, Nocona General Hospital is finishing up phase one of the project.

Crews have already started the second phase of the remodeling project. The goal is to make the facility a more efficient work environment.

Nocona General Hospital was built in 1974. Since then the facility has seen some additions, but no major renovations.

That was until about five or six years ago when the board decided it was time for some upgrades.

“In an attempt to compete up with what our community wants and needs so we felt like it was necessary to move forward,” said CEO of Nocona General Hospital Lance Meekins.

Meekins says they are focusing the work on three main projects.

“Renovate our patient rooms, expand our nursing station, make a new front to the front of the hospital as well,” said Meekins. 

The larger nursing station is something Assistant Chief Nursing Officer Mandi Osborne is really looking forward to.

“The updated nurse’s station before we went from just the end of that counter to about right over here. So, we’ve opened up all of that. We’ve added med room and back here, behind the wall is our breakroom which we didn’t have before,” said Osborne.

Osborne says the additional space will give them more room to work.

“It’s updated so it feels like we are in a bigger facility or what the bigger facilities look like,” said Osborne.

Meekins says the goal of this remodel was to give the citizens of Nocona and surrounding areas, a facility they can be proud of.

“In today’s health care world, when you go to Dallas when you go to even Wichita Falls, there’s a level of expectation that patients have now and their families. We wanted to bring a part of that back to Nocona,” said Meekins. 

He says the community deserves that, after showing Nocona General such support, for the last four decades. 

The entire project cost $4.5 million but the project is not costing the taxpayers of Nocona. The cash came from cash reserves accumulated from operations and supplemental payment program over the past several years.

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