Officers Keep Watchful Eye for Dangerous, Distracted Driving

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The city-wide cell phone ban for drivers in Wichita Falls has been in effect for two weeks now and drivers are still adjusting.

It’s something law enforcement is on lookout for as well, but maybe not specifically.

At stop lights, stop signs or worse, while traveling down the road, not every driver has put down the phone.

“[I] was passed up by this truck and this man was using his phone held up to his ear,” concerned driver, Ron Pierce said.

Pierce is a concerned driver, and strong believer in the ban. That’s why he says he confronted the driver of that truck.

“We pulled up to the light and I rolled the window down and said, ‘sir don’t you realize we have an ordinance against cell phone use?’ and he had some explicit language to share with me.”

Ron isn’t the only one keeping an eye out.

“Officers are looking for it,” said Municipal Court Administrator, Stan Horton.

Horton says only four tickets have been written so far. He says an officer’s main focus isn’t writing tickets, but rather keeping the roadways safe.

“As an officer we’re looking for safety issues,” Horton says. “They’re scanning a whole broad area for things that don’t look normal. If you have somebody who may be going a little fast that’s going to catch your eye. If you have a car that’s driving recklessly it’s going to catch your eye.”

“So they’re not going to be looking for a lot of cell phone use, they’re going to see it. If you’re using it they’re going to see it.”

If you are pulled over for using your cell phone while driving, it’s up to the officer’s discretion whether or not a ticket is written.

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