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Tis the season for campaigning and you can see signs of that everywhere you go through Texoma. But some candidates put those signs where they don’t belong and that keeps city crews hitting the campaign trail as well.

Wichita Falls crews will be on the lookout to ensure candidates are in compliance with the right of way ordinance. They say some candidates put these where they don’t belong and that forces city crews to confiscate about 100 signs each year.

With the November elections just around the corner neighborhoods across town are showing more and more signs of campaigning.

But Assistant Director for Community Development Bobby Teague says there are still regulations.

“There can be no signs in the city right of way. The city right of way can be different in different locations but as a rule of thumb how we enforce that is 10 feet behind the curb. Anything 10 feet behind the curb and anywhere out in the street and across the street is considered the right of way,” Teague said.

If signs are in violation of the city’s right of way ordinance, the city will pull the signs and candidates will then have to come reclaim them.

“There are not any fines that we assess. We do have on the books a charge for signs to pick them up but we don’t charge those especially in the political area,” Teague said.

Teague says they do take the signs to take care of their property.

“It’s the city right of way. So, it’s the city property. Of course, the city has the right to maintain their property in the way they feel is the best benefit for the city and the citizens,” Teague said.

Teague says the ordinance applies to residents and businesses which are often targeted by political candidates wanting to place signs in high traffic areas.

“We allow them to be put into our front yard, however, we try to keep our own political comments to ourself when it comes to customers,” Binswanger Glass employee Kristie Gaitan said.

City officials say whoever you decide to throw your support behind make sure you are supporting your choice within the confines of the city’s ordinance.

Early voting in Texas starts on October 22nd and in Oklahoma, you can vote early on November 1st and 2nd.

For more on the regulations behind campaign signs, click here.

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