OLNEY (KFDX/KJTL) — Olney Junior High Texas Math and Science Coaches Association students are bringing home some medals from the state competition on Saturday, April 2.

The school claimed 2A first place overall team in the state of Texas! They won the sweepstakes with a 2956.48 score.

The number sense team placed 4th. The team consisted of Adrian Gonzalez, Katelynn Bailey, Sophie Roach, and Caleb Johnson.

The calculator team claimed 1st. The team consisted of Jeffry Flores, Katelynn Bailey, Isaac Raihan, and Sophie Roach.

The mathematics team placed 2nd. The team consisted of Katelynn Bailey, Sophie Roach, Eli Clayton, and Caleb Johnson.

The science team gained 2nd. The team consisted of. The team consisted of Cheyenne Burger, Foster Sullivan, Sawyer Edgington, and Eli Clayton.

Individual State Rankings:

8th grade

Number Sense: 6th place-Adrian Gonzalez, 8th place-Katelynn Bailey, 20th place-Jeffry Flores
Calculator: 1st place STATE CHAMPION-Jeffry Flores, 3rd place-Katelynn Bailey, 5th place-Isaac Raihan, 14th place-Luke Lane
Science: 1st place STATE CHAMPION-Cheyanne Burger, 8th place-Sawyer Edgington, 9th place-Eli Clayton, 14th place- Nate Eversole

7th grade

Number Sense: 5th place-Sophie Roach, 10th place-Colby Johnson, 11th place-Braelyn Casteel, 12th place-Darla Castillo, 13th place-Foster Sullivan
Calculator: 2nd place-Sophie Roach, 3rd place-Braelyn Casteel, 4th place-Darla Casteel, 6th place-Marlee Lane
Mathematics: 2nd place-Sophie Roach, 7th place-Colby Johnson, 11th place- Braelyn Casteel, 12th place-Darla Castillo, 15th place-Foster Sullivan
Science: 3rd place-Foster Sullivan, 9th place (t)-Colby Johnson, 13th place-Sophie Roach, 15th place-Ben Baran, 17th place-Ava Stewart

6th grade

Number Sense: 13th place-Shaine Grard, 14th place (t)-Will Caffey
Calculator: 2nd place-AJ Solano
Mathematics: 5th place-Crayton Nash, 14th place-Adrian Melchor, 15th place-Shaine Grard
Science: 12th place-Will Caffey, 18th place-Logan Norris

Congratulations to these students!