OLNEY (KFDX/KJTL) — Residents in Olney are up in arms after receiving their most recent electric bill, which many say has doubled or even tripled, after having new meters installed.

“Every individual in this town has received at least a 300 dollar increase in their bill,” Olney resident Bobbi Stephens said.

Stephens said she received her last electric bill for nearly $450, a huge increase from her normal $98 monthly bill.

“They knocked on our door about three weeks ago and let us know that our electricity would be out for 30 seconds to three minutes and said that they were installing new meters,” Stephens said. “We did not ask any questions at that time; we were just waiting for our new bill to come in.”

Stephens said she was shocked when she saw that her bill had tripled, but she’s not the only one.

On the Olney Rants and Raves Facebook page, several members voiced their frustration. Bills jumped from $83 to $425. Another person’s bill jumped from $115 to $481.

“When we saw the first initial bill, we thought ‘Wow, these meters are not accurate, they cannot be accurate,’ so we did call, and they said this bill was estimated on what our usage would be, they were not actual readings,” Stephens said. “However, when we got our bill, they stated on there partial was actual, and partial was estimated.”

We reached out to Texas New Mexico Power who stated:

“TNMP will make corrections if any billed consumption is found to be inaccurate….We ask they contact their retail provider from whom they receive their bill.”

Texas New Mexico Power

“They actually let us know that there is nothing we can do at this point,” Stephens said. “We can offer you a payment plan, but you would need to reach out to Texas New Mexico, since they’re the ones that actually deliver it.”

Stephens said until she can get some answers, she’ll continue playing the waiting game with the other hundreds that have been affected.

Stephens has estimated with all the residents affected, roughly $375,000 have been charged to Olney residents in just one billing cycle.