WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — One sister is sentenced in a bank fraud scheme that targeted a 94-year-old woman and the other sister’s case is still pending.

Both sisters were charged in so called check kiting schemes and police said the pair targeted victims for decades with forgeries and theft.

On Friday, Oct. 14, 2022, Angela Carroll pleaded guilty to forgery of an elderly person and was sentenced to 5 years prison. As part of the plea, a separate case was dismissed.
In the forgery case she pleaded to, police said she stole checks from a 94-year-old resident of Rolling Meadows retirement home and deposited them in accounts she and her sister opened at a credit union.

Police said about $3,000 was lost by the victim and more from checks cashed at another bank.
Angela Flo Carroll and her sister Debra Jo Carroll were arrested in May, 2021 for allegedly setting up a bank account with checks from a closed account in Georgia, then withdrawing more than $11,000 from it before bank officials caught on.
An employee of Cattleman’s Bank on Midwestern Parkway said the women came in the bank and each opened fraudulent bank accounts.

Bank officials said they later discovered the accounts were opened with personal checks from a closed account in their names at a bank in Georgia.
Bank officials said the scheme allowed the two to obtain checks and debit cards and to withdraw money from ATMs and point of sale purchases until the the bank in Georgia received the checks and rejected them as checks from a closed account.

The bank said the women immediately deposited fraudulent checks and withdrawing funds through ATMs and purchases.
They said 13 checks were deposited in the accounts, totaling $11,252 and that $11,470 was withdrawn.
A Wichita Falls Police financial crimes detective recognized the suspect’s names from previous investigations of fraud and theft by check cases and, in fact, was investigating another fraud case involving the two at another Wichita Falls bank.

After the checks came back as worthless, the bank tried to contact the women through the phone numbers on their account, but the numbers were not in service.

Bank officials said even after the scheme was uncovered, the two women returned to the bank and tried to deposit more fraudulent checks. They were confronted at the drive thru, and they agreed to come inside and resolve it, but they then fled.

Police said another scheme the two worked involved one sister renting items from rental centers and the other sister selling them at pawn shops.
Debra Jo Carroll has 38 arrests in Wichita County dating back to 1985, which include 21 theft charges, 13 forgeries, an aggravated robbery and 10 violations of probation or parole. She has served six prison sentences since 1994.
Besides more than 30 aliases listed, she also has at least four different birthdates in state records.
Angela Carroll has 17 arrests, including several robberies and burglaries, and her records show 5 aliases.