WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The day after Thanksgiving is when many will begin their yearly descent into everything Christmas for the next month, and one of the first things many families do is get a Christmas tree.

Luckily, the Sunrise Optomist Club of Wichita Falls’ yearly Christmas tree sales fundraiser is underway, and there is no shortage of trees out there right now.

“There’s just something about a Christmas tree lot: the kids kinda like to just run up and down the aisles,” John Luig with the Optimist Club said. “So we help the customer pull them off the rack, we’ll put a fresh cut on it; if they want, we’ll wrap it in the netting so it’s a little easier to handle.”

The Optimist Club of Wichita Falls’ Christmas trees are set up downtown.

At day one, minute one, customers were ready to find that perfect Christmas tree and support organizations by putting all that money right back into youth organizations around the community.

“So it’s nice to see different people come out, but also we see some of the same people that come in year in and year out, and they like to buy a tree here to support those causes,” Luig said.

This year marks three years in a row for Magnum Cuellas and his family buying a tree from the lot.

“We always come the first day, right after Thanksgiving,” Cuellas said.

Getting a tree right after Thanksgiving is a tradition shared by many families.

“We’ve lived here for four years, and we’ve gotten our tree off this lot every year,” Joy Schulke, who bought a tree with her family today, said.

When to get the tree is not as much of a tradition as where to get it from for some of the families that buy from the lot.

“We waited later last year, and we definitely didn’t get the best tree, so we wanted to make sure we got the best one that could fill up the tree and all of our ornaments,” Schulke said.

There really are no signs of slowing down the tradition for many local families.

“Bring our kids with us and get them in the tradition mode, and hopefully they can continue it for many many years to come,” Cuellas said.

The Optimist Club will continue their mission to make the holiday season perfect.

“I think just seeing families find that perfect tree is what makes it a lot of fun for me,” Luig said.

All the money raised goes to many great causes around Wichita Falls, such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Campfire of North Texas, and many other young local youth organizations.

The tree lot is open Saturdays and Sundays all season long from 2 to 8 p.m. and weekdays from 4 to 8 p.m.