It’s been about a month since a local burger restaurant’s owner was pleading for a lung and heart donor to save his son’s life. 
Ronnie’s Burgers is a popular burger joint in town and owner, Ronnie Blanchard and his family, are well known in the community.
After support, prayers and a selfless gift of an organ donation, their son, Kyle Blanchard is making an amazing recovery.
Doctor’s say the organs that Kyle received are adapting well to his body and there are no complications. 
Kyle is learning how to eat, walk and talk again.
His family says they are truly thankful for the heart and lung that now save their son’s life 
“Coming from especially, where he was, where basically he was almost at death’s door to where he is now, and knowing that it was because somebody did a selfless act of actually signing a donor card,” Kyle’s father, Ronnie Blanchard said. “It’s almost like you don’t even know how to thank them if you could, what’s appropriate to say thank you.” 
Ronnie says he is thankful for the outpouring of support and the restaurant is doing great. 
Kyle may be released from the hospital on the 27th but his family is not sure if his doctor will release him to return to Wichita Falls just yet.
He may have to stay closer to the Dallas area where he is receiving care.