Overpopulation of Canada Goose at Gordon Lake

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City leaders in Iowa Park are looking into what to do about a large number of Canada geese at Gordon Lake.

Back in 2015, it became illegal to feed the birds and geese here at Gordon Lake and city leaders hoped that would fix the problem.

However, now It is becoming more of a headache for residents and city staff.

Michelie Byrne is a resident of Iowa Park and often goes to Gordon Lake. 

“I like to come and eat my lunch, come walk on the track around the lake alot.,” Michelie Byrne said. “It’s good exercise and it’s quiet and peaceful.”

 Well usually peaceful, now because of an overpopulation of Canada geese, Michelie is taking a little precaution.

“Sometimes when I am walking I will carry a stick because they can be aggressive and come at you,” Michelie Byrne said.

And that is just one reason the Parks and Recreation Department is making strides to restore the ecological balance of Gordon Lake 

“We need to preserve the shoreline, we need to preserve all the fish species out here,” Iowa Park Director of Parks and Recreation Jason Griffin said. “We’d like to cut down on the goose waste if possible because they do produce a lot of waste and it does become a safety hazard and a health hazard.”

And after research and consultation with state and federal biologists, the city council has voted that a “molt round up”  will be the most effective method.

“They will round up the geese and they’ll be transported off-site in a trailer and they will use CO2 to euthanize the ones that they do capture,” Griffin said.

“I love Iowa Park and that it’s a bird sanctuary and that we do take care of things, but if there is a problem I do think it needs to be fixed whatever way they can do that,” Byrne said.

While Byrne is not quite a fan of the method she understands what needs to be done and looks forward to the end result.

Griffin explains that while it may not be the most favored option it has proven to be the most effective as well as an inexpensive option. 

Currently, there is no set schedule as to when this will take place, Griffin says this will be determined by the federal biologists as well as state agencies that they are working with.

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