WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—If you’re a foodie or food truck lover, you’re in luck!! We are just days away from the 8th annual Food Truck Championship in Graham, happening this weekend.
Owner of Taco Darlin’, Tagan Gann, is no stranger to this competition, in fact, she took home the grand champion award during the very first year of the competition, she said now that she has a whole team behind her to help, she’s hoping to win her third grand champion award.

When it comes to cooking good food, Tagan Gann is well-seasoned in that category, and she’s hoping her serious skills will pay off big time this weekend.

“Since we opened Taco Darlin’, we have really focused on the Gypsy Kit Food Truck, and it is becoming kind of an eclectic food truck, so you’re not just going to get tacos anymore, we’ve put a lot of Cajun food on the menu, and our specialty for this weekend that we’re going to be competing with is going to be our loaded gator and crawfish fries,” Gann said.

This will be Gann’s 7th time to compete in this competition, last year she was busy opening her new restaurant, something that she said she can add to if she takes home the grand prize that comes with a 10-thousand dollar check.

“The two years that we did win I had really large refrigeration things go out right before the event, so it just goes back into the business you know we put it back into equipment we put it into, we typically give everybody that works that day a little bit of a bonus if we win that ten grand,” Gann said.

Gann said this year, though, she’s got a full crew to help her win that grand prize.

“So we have a whole entire crew of people that work, the first year whenever we went in 2015 there were three of us that worked the entire day, and this year we are taking a crew of about seven and my daughter that went when she was eight years old, eight years ago is now 16 and is going to be working on the truck with us,” Gann said.

And hopefully showing her that hard work pays off if she’s able to sweep the competition and bring home yet another win for Wichita Falls.

The Food Truck Championship kicks off this Saturday in Graham at the downtown square starting at 11, it will run until 5 and is completely free to the public.

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