Owners of Big Blue hope to bring residential living that will liven things up, and help make downtown a desirable location for residents.

Future tenants are going to need a place for entertainment, dining and groceries. The owners of 8th Street Coffee House are about to knock down a wall on the first floor next month to help provide those things sooner than you might think.

“We are planning to have 24 apartments that are one bedroom, and four two bedroom apartments,” property manager for Metro Life Properties, Judy Kurani said.

 Kurani says residential space will be the very thing that keeps the vision for downtown  moving forward.

“More residents makes for prosperous business down here for everybody.”

8th Street Coffee House looks to be an example of that prosperity.

“We plan to add a lot more seating,” manager, D’Ann Delcoure said. “A lot of times when we’re busy we have limited space for seating so that’s going to help a lot.”

But the plans don’t stop there. 

“We’re going to add a small bakery and a corner market. Also a larger stage, more permanent stage for more live music.”

“The corner market is going to focus on catering to the residents downtown.”

The expansion at 8th Street Coffee House will begin next month, and should be compete by September. As for plans for the apartments, it is still waiting for approval from Wichita Falls city councilors.