WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — P2 “The Deuce” is once again welcoming back customers and serve up drinks thanks to new regulations from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission giving them a chance to reclassify as a restaurant.

Last week, the TABC sent out its new guidelines allowing some bars to qualify as restaurants. The industry notice states a business owner can fill out a form providing their business is making less than 51% of its sales from alcohol. This would in turn de-classifying it as primarily a bar.

“Under the food and beverage certificate we were able to base it off projected sales for the next year and we were able to get under the 50 percent limit and there were other things like the fact we have an established kitchen,” Attorney Bruce Harris said.

Texas bars can also apply for a Food and Beverage Certificate. This means the business will have to spend more money on new kitchen supplies because they’ll have to increase kitchen capacity so that the majority of profits don’t come from alcohol. Under this option, a business can also have permanent food trucks 

P2 “The Deuce,” located at 1409 Lamar, chose to recertify their sales as less than 51% of their total gross receipts. This means the location will operate as a restaurant.

Owner Steve Wilkinson said he got word that the TABC approved its new permit Wednesday and the restaurant was allowed to immediately reopen.

Except for a few weeks in June, bars in Texas have remained empty for the past four months. Wilkinson said he is happy to be open once again, but he reassures the community that the restaurant will be following strict safety and sanitization methods.

“It was getting to the point where we were not going to be able to do the drive-through anymore,”P2 Owner Steve Wilkinson said. “We were going to have to shut the doors and it came just right at the right time.”

Wilkinson said his employees are just as excited to be handing out hot dishes from the kitchen and beers. But they will be doing so while keeping themselves and customers safe.

“We need to stick with these guidelines and be safe, that’s the main thing. The quicker we can get this over with the quicker everyone can open back up,” Wilkinson said.

And while Wilkinson is overjoyed to be back in business, he said he is sympathetic for his fellow bar owners who remain closed.