Paratroopers graduate airborn class following fifth jump

Local News

FREDERICK (KFDX/KJTL)—World War II veteran David Hamilton’s visit wasn’t the only exciting scene at the Fredrick Army airfield.

Students from the parachute school graduated after finishing five jumps from the same C-47 Hamilton flew Saturday.

The paratroopers come from all over the US to participate.

Veterans presented the graduates their airborne wings from veterans including Hamilton.

The jump schools are only available three times a year and because of the wind instructors weren’t sure if they’d get five jumps in on time.

“They work so hard, and on their fifth jump, I mean, we’re just, they’re thrilled, we’re thrilled, it’s this experience that it’s really hard to explain unless you do it,” World War II Airborn Demonstration representative Kat Healey said.

The organization’s mission is to remember, honor and serve WWII veterans.

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