IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — In Iowa Park, crews are still working to restore power to many residents.

Some of the bigger damage throughout Wichita County could come from Iowa Park.

At the Helena Grain Elevator at FM 367 and 368, at least one entire silo of the three big silos blew over.

Iowa Park resident Robert McAlister parks his truck there and says it was four bins and two elevator legs that fell. He said one ended up on top of his truck.

“Well, my truck is completely totaled, and the trailer might or might not be,” McAlister said. “My son’s car is parked next to my truck. My truck is lying on top of his car, and the truck next to it might be rebuildable, but probably not. Not much reaction you can have. It’s God’s plan.”

Trees are also down in Iowa Park, including one that split and fell across Old West Smith Avenue across the tracks from Scobee’s.