WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — One local organization played a vital role in the Anthony Patterson human trafficking and indecency of a child case.

Patsy’s House interviews children in abuse cases, and their work was at the forefront of what’s happened in Texoma, interviewing the two alleged victims in the Patterson case.

“If you have a reasonable suspicion, let somebody know, because that could be the difference for a child and for their life,” Patsy’s House Executive Director Denise Roberts said. “With everything that’s going on, for people to understand that, you know, trafficking is happening, abuse is happening within our communities, to just always keep their eyes open, again report.”

They strive to offer a different approach to child abuse investigations, children bouncing around from child protective services, to law enforcement and rehashing the story multiple times, but not at Patsy’s House.

“They may have to tell five, six, seven times, rather than coming to one place that is child friendly, centered more around them to make them feel comfortable and feel safe,” Roberts said.

They have an interview room to make it feel less like an interrogation, while different agencies can still observe in real time.

And while partnering with many other agencies, Roberts said they never lose track of the ultimate goal: the children.

“We don’t work for them, so really we’re here for the child and to again, make that first step as easy for them as we can, if we have something that has happened to them, or if there’s something they need or want to tell about,” Roberts said.

Utilizing their unique techniques and one-of-a-kind team of forensic interviewers, Patsy’s House will look to continue to play a huge role in the child abuse cases in Texoma, and hope people take notice.

“We always tell people, err on the side of safety, if you see anything with reasonable suspicion of belief that something has happened or concern for a child and go ahead and err on the safety of the child and make that report,” Roberts said.

Hoping every child who enters those doors feels comfortable enough to share anything, anytime.

For more information on the work patsy’s house does, or if you want to reach out to help, or for help, find links here: website, Facebook page.