A little girl from Wichita Falls, who continues to try and help police officers in Electra, is the subject of this week’s Pay It Forward.

It’s because the Electra P.D. wants her to always remember just how much they appreciate her giving heart.

Amber Kennedy’s not your average 7 year old.

Amber chooses to spend her allowance on  something other than what many other girls her age would.

Michael Dozier/Electra Police Chief:  “She brought every one of us a sack, and it ranged everything from flashlight to tumbler, sticky notes, pens, pencils, hand sanitizer.”  

Here is a perfect example of why Amber is such a friend of the Electra P.D.  This is surveillance of her on Thanksgiving Day bringing Thanksgiving dinner to the Electra police force.

Dozier:  “She showed up continuously, and around Thanksgiving, she fed my officers who were working in dispatch.  And, she brings a killer banana pudding over here.”
Angela Kennedy/Amber’s Mother:  “They liked my pudding a lot.  I know that, and the other stuff too, but definitely the pudding!”

Amber’s mother, Angela says it just makes them feel wonderful knowing their gift sacks, or even that full Thanksgiving feast, may have helped turn an officer’s bad day around.

Angela:  “We always see all of the policemen, and they go through so much stuff, and we just wanted to find a way to help make them happy just for a little while.”

…which is why Chief Michael Dozier and the rest of the Electra P.D. wanted to not only present Amber with a plaque…

Dozier:  “It says thank you,  honoring Amber Kennedy in appreciation for your continuing support and caring for our department and all law enforcement.” 

…They also wanted to pay it forward.

Domain Real Estate Services:  “On behalf of Domain Real-Estate Services, we’d like to help you pay it forward to Amber.

Dozier:  “Amber, I want to give you $300 from Domain Realtors from me to you, on behalf of the Electra Police Department, thank you for everything you’ve done.

Steve Bowlin/Electra City Administrator: “A 7 year old girl who’d do that, there aren’t many of them out there.  We’re excited she thought of our people.”

Dozier: “You know, it almost restores our faith in humanity, that there are children out there who do respect authority that do respect their parents.”

Amber: “Yep, I’m going to continue doing this.”

According to her mother, while Amber continues to make the days or weeks, even holidays of police officers, she’ll also continue to dream of becoming a police officer herself one day.