Now that Christmas Day is almost a wrap, Santa and Mrs. Claus are finally getting the much needed rest they so much deserve.

That’s also true for a Burkburnett couple, who after giving of themselves for children almost three decades, are the recipients of this week’s Pay It Forward.

Doug Green/Santa:  “We worked as a partnership for, well 48- years.”

For Doug and Glenda Green, almost 30 of those years have been spent volunteering as Santa’s Helpers.

They do it for the kids, many who really need Santa, and want to believe.

Doug:  “They will make it believable, if you just get a chance because they want to.”  “They want to believe and they want to have that feeling.”
During the Christmas season, Doug might have as many as 90 commitments, including those at Sheppard, parades, and The Children’s Home.

Somehow, he still managed around 53 this year after congestive heart failure a couple of years ago and suffering a major lower back injury.

Doug:  “When they come around that corner and their eyes are going, and they’ve got a grin from ear to ear and they’re running just as hard as they can go, well son, that’s a feeling you can’t pass up.”

Mr. and Mrs. Claus, each year go and buy so many candy canes, boxes and boxes and boxes of candy canes.  They’ll pull them out of boxes, get them in the sack to get them to Santa’s sack, so Santa can give them to each and every one of those kids.  Something else that happens each and every year, purchasing all the gifts for children in The Children’s Home.

Glenda:  “All this time I am helping Santa or taking pictures.  So, I don’t see the real end results, but I know what went into the bag, you know everybody’s effort went into the bag to make that Christmas special for that one little person.”  “Just that feel good, from the heart just comes out.  It just radiates from within that you’ve helped somebody.”

On behalf of Domain Real Estate, thank you for everything you do for the community, and Merry Christmas.  Thank you.  We’ll put this to good use for the kids.”

Thanks to Domain Real Estate, Doug and Glenda had another $300 to put toward things like toys and batteries while helping to make, yet another Christmas for many children to remember. 

Doug:  “I can’t say it doesn’t make my heart glad.”  “I don’t know, there’s just something about it.  If you can do it without getting a feeling from it, you’re in the wrong business.”

This is one business, so to speak, Santa hopes to continue until it’s just impossible to go on, with Mrs. Claus right by his side.

Each year, Christmas gifts for kids at Cunningham Elementary are paid for by Elks.

Also, those at the Elks Lodge host “A Night for Santa”, where money is raised for The Children’s Home.

Besides gladly shopping with friends each year for so many toys,  Glenda has spent the past 20 years making all of Doug’s beautiful Santa suits.
It takes about 2 weeks a suit.

Doug did mention if a child has an accident on his suit, which does happen, that stain will not come out.  

He says thanks to Glenda, he has suits on stand-by.