For Aimee Brown feeding the hungry is a family affair. 

“My mom always said if you can help one person a day, you’ve done good,” the Executive Director of Floral Heights Community Food Pantry said. 

Aimee and her daughter, Pam, have spent countless days racking, stacking and packing up meals at the pantry. 

“I’ve been working a good ten years, and I’ve done everything,” Pam Brown said. “I used to unload vans. I’ve done every job at the food pantry except my mother’s.” 

That’s probably a good thing, because no one is better at organizing the large groups of volunteers like Aimee. 

It’s hard work but for this crew the payoff is in the smiles. 

“They always say god bless you and thank you for being here with us,” Aimee said. “One time a day you get that and it’s worth the whole day.” 

And if today is good tomorrow is even brighter. 

The plan is to rebrand as “The Pantry of North Texas” and roll into their new facility across the street right as the calendar rolls over to 2018 giving the pantry more space to fill more hungry bellies. 

“It’s hard for those people to come in but i tell them if you need food to feed your family and children and things, it doesn’t make any difference who you are,” Aimee said. 

That’s why we paid it forward to the food pantry so they can bring help bring Thanksgiving meals to those in need, and put the finishing touches on their new home. 

“My cup runneth over every day because i enjoy this,” Aimee said. 

The Floral Heights Community Food Pantry is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.