A Wichita Falls woman spends her days making music, and donating to local charities, despite living off a fixed income.

As Deron Molen shows us in this week’s Pay it Forward, kindness and a love of music are her keys to staying young.

Flavia Degraff hopes the changing of the seasons will give her flowers new life.

Flavia lives alone with her two dogs.

Her kids have long since grown up, but she still stays young at heart.

Angie Edwards/Friend:  “She’s 73, but you wouldn’t know it.”

…through working in her yard and donating to her church and the local women’s shelter.

Flavia Degraff / Pay it Forward Recipient:  “If another person I see needed the help, and I can help, I do.”  “I need it too, but if I can share, why not?”

Edwards:  “She’s very gracious and very giving herself.  Even on a fixed income.  She still gives to others, and it just touches me in so many ways.”

That passion for giving to others is why Angie Edwards wanted to pay it forward to Flavia to help her with house repairs, or maybe even a new saxaphone reed.

Flavia:  “I love music.”  “When I was in high school, I played in the band.”

For Flavia, music also keeps her young, and gives her new life.

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