Pay It Forward: Petrolia VFD saves lives, supports community

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“It’s all about life to me.”

Aaron skinner did not intend for this week’s Pay It Forward to go like this.

But when his blood sugar dropped dangerously low, he couldn’t have been in a better place.

“[I’m] so grateful to have Tony, Tilly and Sam right down the street,” said Aaron’s wife Tammie.

Volunteer firefighters Tony and Tilly Fox are on the front lines of almost every medical emergency in PetroliaThe next closest first responders are more than 15 minutes away — 15 minutes that could make all the difference.

“You’re going to have somebody there to help you, one way or another,” Aaron said. “It doesn’t matter who or when or what time of the night or day. You’re going to get help.”

To the relief of all of us, Aaron ended up being okay. A glass of orange juice and a couple sugar tablets brought his glucose levels back up.

For the Skinners, it’s another close call. But for these volunteer firefighters, it’s just another day serving their community.

“We’re all close knit,” Tilly said. “We pretty much know anybody. You have to put it out of your mind that you know them and something could be going really wrong.”

“We get a few tax dollars here and there, but we’re not funded,” Tony said. “We’re funded fully by donations and without these donations we can be fueling our trucks to make these calls.”

That’s why the Skinners wanted to pay it forward to Petrolia VFD — so they can continue to save lives — just like Aaron’s.

“It all comes down to living [and] supporting one another,” Aaron said.

“This is a gift that can’t be replaced,” Tammie said.

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