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“It’s a great feeling to know you can give back what’s so freely been given to you.”

Danny Carriger knows a thing or two about nuts and bolts  but he also knows the nuts and bolts of second chances.

“Before I got clean, it was terrible,” Carriger said. “I had a 30 year addiction to alcohol and methamphetamine…I would try to get clean two or three days at a time and it just wouldn’t work.”

That’s when Carriger reconnected with John Welter, his dad’s friend and a former pastor in archer city.

“You couldn’t ask for a better man,” Carriger said. “He loves the people that are maybe forgotten by society.”

Welter runs Scarlet Letter Ministries, helping anyone who may be struggling with addiction. In his eyes, getting clean is just the beginning.

“When we begin to learn how to give back, then our problems don’t seem quite so great,” Welter said.

The act of paying it forward has become second nature to Carriger. After he completed his rehab, he began teaching the same Genesis program he went through. It’s a transformation that has inspired all those around him.

“For him to do what he did, it’s just an amazing thing,” Welter said. “Plus, his dad got to see him sober before he passed away. And that, for his father, was an amazing blessing before he died.”

“John has been like a father to me,” Carriger said. “My dad passed away in January. John kind of filled that spot. He’s just a loving, loving guy.”

That’s why Carriger wanted to pay it forward to Scarlet Letter Ministries, so Welter can continue to be a guiding light for all who need it.

“My life has changed so dramatically,” Carriger said. “I met and married a wonderful woman. We’ve been married almost 18 months. Like I said, I’ve got almost 3 year clean and sober. I’ve got a great job and couldn’t ask for a better life.”

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