When it comes to his favorite teacher, Ben McReynolds only points in one direction.

“Miss Whyrick,” he said. “I like Miss Whyrick.”

But like all great teachers, Kristi Whyrick has a lot of help. Ben’s mom, Amy, is one of the many volunteers that supplement classroom teachings.

“This is a team effort between a parent and a teacher,” Amy said. “They’re basically raising our kids nine hours out of the day.”

“Our goal is by the end of kindergarten, [we want them to] be emergent readers and they need all of the help they can get,” Whyrick said.

Part of that help comes from Whyrick’s new reading nook’s around Scotland Park Elementary’s campus. Volunteers like Amy take time out of their day to read to small groups of kids.

Whyrick said the nooks allow for kids receive more personalized attention to boost their reading skills and confidence.

Amy said her son is proof the network of volunteers sets the foundation for success.

“When my son, by the time he starts reading Shakespeare, Iwill absolutely know that he could not have gotten…where he is without her help,” she said.

That’s why we’re paying it forward to Miss Whyrick, so she and her volunteers can add to the new reading nooks on campus and continue to develop their students’ reading skills — giving
Ben the foundation he needs to stand out.