Pay It Forward: The Heart of Holliday

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Around here, the work never stops for Paula Meyers.

It’s a constant flow of kids, books and imaginations.

“Coming out here and enjoying the books really opened my mind up to more imaginative stuff,” said Bryan Reece, a student at Holliday High School.

Brylie Sinclair, another young student in Holliday, loves hanging out in the same spot Bryan does.

“Mostly what I like to do is get some books and play on the computers,” she said.

Both kids and adults pack into the Holliday Public Library to meet up after school, do taxes or just access the internet.

“Wifi is free. Membership is free. Computer use is free. We have to charge for paper and ink but that’s about it,” Meyers said.

Between the hard copies and the online titles, the Holliday Public Library has access to more than 85,000 different books. But these books are far more than just words on a page, they’re also part of the life blood of the Holliday community.

And Paula Meyers — through all of her kindness and generosity — is an even bigger part of that lifeblood.

“She is so nice,” said student Kenzlee McFarland. “I wish i could just play  with her and stay here with her sometimes.

“It’s really nice to know you have some place to come and possibly hang out with friends,” Bryan said.

“I think it’s wonderful. I don’t mind sending my son up here,” said Brenda Reece, Bryan’s mother. “I don’t have any qualms about sending him up here by himself when he was [younger]. I have no worries about that because I know that she watches over all of our kids just like they were hers.”

That’s why Brenda Reece wanted to pay it forward to Meyers — to make sure her kids and others get the resources they need to chase their dreams.

“I hear from all of these people who have left and are succeeding and are achieving and that warms my heart. That does — being able to be a part of a future — the future,” Meyers said.

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