For Adin and Evin Thatcher, their world has been a series of spins and swings.

As the boys and their family escaped torrential rain and rising floodwaters, Tropical Storm Harvey swallowed everything they had. The Thatchers lost their house — but not their home.

“[Home is] just being together,” said Kara Thatcher, Adin and Evin’s mom.

“That was really it — just being together,” said her husband, Justin. “That was the big thing.”

That’s where Melissa Young comes in. Her house on York Street was for sale as she set off to start a new life with her finance. But when she heard of the Thatchers, she felt compelled to delay the sale and give them another house they could temporarily call home.

“When there’s a disaster that happens like this you always wonder what you can do for somebody else, and fortunately I was able to do this for this family,” Young said.

“It’s just nice to be a family in a home,” Kara said. “This is above and beyond.”

Adin agrees.

“[It’s] really generous for people we don’t even know to do that,” Adin said.

That’s why Terry Keen wanted to pay it forward to Young who — in the spirit of Texans helping Texans — gave that money to the Thatcher family as they try to rebuild their life in Pine Forest.

But the thatchers don’t have to rebuild their family, their sense of humor or their smiles.

If you would like to help the Thatcher family, please visit their GoFundMe page or donate at The Pain Rehabilitation Group at 4301 Maplewood Ave.

we have a link to their go-fund-me over on texoma’s homepage dot com.