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All across the area, many are picking up the pieces of torn apart sheds, houses, yard and trees after severe weather swept through the Texoma area and damaged property.

When the storms moved through the area, many people took pictures or videos of the funnel clouds and for a lot of those people they do not have to continue to deal with the fall out from the tornadoes, for others they lost property and the clean up is just beginning.

Charlie resident Brook Beckett had not been home long when she noticed the funnel clouds.

“We were getting into the shelter when I saw what appeared to be two dark what appears to be funnels coming down,” Beckett said. “It was reassuring to see them, as odd as that may seem because we could keep an eye on them and I was able to get the kids and the dogs in. It was quite intense. I could see they were close but far enough away that I could snap a couple pictures.”

Beckett said had that storm shelter installed just about a month ago.

“I really like the shelter. I feel safe in it,” Beckett said. “It’s secure and easy to use. We hadn’t practiced any drills, which I highly recommend. Practice is awesome. We had a little bit of a learning curve and we still had time to have that learning curve but you don’t always have that time.”

Beckett had no damage done to her property from the tornadoes, others in the area were not as lucky. One of Charlie residents sheds was completely destroyed along with a lot of the equipment inside.

“Today we started working on the cleanup. Picking everything up. Look around and see where exactly where we needed to go and what we needed to do. Where to start and begin the process again,” resident Toni Jetton said.

It did not take long for people to show up to help them begin the cleanup.

“One guy showed up, John Hunter, he has a business in town,” Jetton said. “Showed up with two cases of water, chainsaw and just started to work. Had no idea who he was, but now he is like family.
Had another man and his wife, they are with a Christian motorcycle gang showed up and said the Lord led them here to come and help.”

As bad as the damage was, Toni Jetton and her husband were fine and they are thankful for that.

“I give all the glory to God for this,” Jetton said. “If it wasn’t for Him we wouldn’t be here today. I believe He protected my husband and I. This is stuff. We are alive. We are well. Our home is good and we were protected.”

Now everyone looks toward rebuilding what was destroyed and damaged in this storm.

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