WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Alumni of Wichita Falls High School continue to support a petition to keep the Coyotes mascot alive within the WFISD which would allow it to represent the upcoming Wichita Falls Legacy High School.

Wichita Falls High Schools have narrowed down the mascot choices, but neither school considered the long-standing Coyote from the historic Old High.

And many feel like this action is erasing a significant part of this city’s identity.

The mascot, which has been a part of Wichita Falls for many decades will soon be eliminated from the Wichita Falls School District.

“Though I didn’t go to high school here as a student, I went to high school here as a spirited faculty member and as one whose loyalty is just as undisputed as anyone who holds a diploma from this school,” Carol Wagner said.

Carol Wagner taught at Old High in the 1950s, 60s, and 80s.

While she feels that maintaining the Coyotes is important for historical purposes she also sees the monetary benefit of continuing on with the name.

“An excess of a million dollars could be saved by hanging onto, salvaging, and saving the Coyote name. Think of band uniforms, think of signage, think of all the athletic uniforms that would not have to be purchased new. They already exist,” Wagner said.

Supporter Mark Hood who is a third-generation Coyote has taken notice of how ideal a certain pairing could be.

“I think the legacy aspect which ties in well to the Wichita Falls Legacy School is a perfect fit for the Coyote mascot and the school colors,” Hood said.

Many coyote supporters are on board with the building of new schools and giving students new opportunities but they don’t take out what might be old and solely replace it with the new.

“We feel like the WFISD has done a remarkable job getting us to this point where they’re repurposing Hirschi, they’re repurposing Ryder, and now we think the focus should be what’s going to happen with the Coyotes,” Hood said.

With thousands of supporters on board with keeping the mascot on the district’s roster, many hope this will create a change of heart amongst the board.

A spokesperson for WFISD says the school board has no intention of adding Coyotes to its roster of options.

The district plans to let students vote among the Lions, Leopards and Falcons when they return from Christmas break.

Supporters encourage those to sign the petition before the next school board meeting in mid-January before the vote is sent out.