Members of the Evangel Temple in Wichita Falls are trying to raise money to build a basketball court in honor of a community leader who passed away earlier this year.

“When we started phased in we want to turn this into a campus that would be all inclusive. We wanted to have a recreational area, so we had an idea of maybe doing a little court here for the guys to just exercise,” Pastor Kile Bateman says. 

“Phased in” is a program the Evangel Temple staff started for 18-year-old young men who’ve phased-out of the foster care program.

The dream to build a basketball court on the property for the boys was not only one of pastor Bateman’s, but also the dream of a dear friend of his.

“That was his heart. His heart was sports and young people. That’s Phased in,” Bateman says. 

Larry Nash, better known to many as Coach Nash, had been battling severe complications from pneumonia and was hospitalized for some time.

He passed away earlier this year.

Nash was very active in the community, calling plays for local sports teams, something the “Phased in” boys remember very well.

“He was a great character and always supportive and he was a dream-catcher I guess,” “Phased in” member Brandon Waldroop says.  

So far the church has raised $2,000 for the Larry Nash Memorial Basketball Court.

They’ve applied for an $18,000 grant from Alcoa Howmett.

After that they would still need to raise about $20,000 in order for this dream to become a reality.

“Having something named in his honor I think would be a great part of his legacy but it would also be a great way to remind these young people of what the possible is of who they can be,” Bateman says.  

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