YOUNG COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — But first, county commissioners discussed the possibility of adding new landowners to the project.

Officials believe this is an already successful wind farm project because Young County Commissioners said teaming up with Apex Clean Energy will lead to more money for the county as well as school and hospital districts.

In a public hearing Thursday, Young County leaders discussed landowners’ interest in the current reinvestment zone, a project by Apex Clean Energy, initially approved by officials back in April.

“Frankly it’s an addition, building on what we established in April,” Apex Clean Energy’s Ben Semmes said. “We came on April 26 and the county heard from us and their attorney about approaching them for a reinvestment zone that will allow school districts, hospital districts and the county to practice abatement or a limitation on the tax value from the very beginning of the project.”

Residents were welcome to voice concerns whether they are for or against the project however those involved said there hasn’t been any push back.

“It’s a good resource for Young County and it’s a good resource for Newcastle ISD, which the biggest part of the wind farm is in, it’s a great resource for them and it is also a good resource for Graham ISD,” Young County Judge John Bullock said.

Semmes agreed.

“Frankly in Texas, it’s the energy industry, people wanna make money off their property and people wanna support the backbone of this country,” Semmes said.

Semmes said there is not much left to do except finalize the boundary for the wind farm with the additional acreage as well as allow for others interested to join in.

“We have enough to make the project happen and we have our approvals so this is really about allowing people to get on board before the train leaves the station,” Semmes said.

The original reinvestment zone plan was approved for 500 mega-watts, but upon reinvestment zone 2.0, the output will increase to 600 megawatts.

“Roughly an additional 5,000 acres probably and an additional 100 megawatts buildout,” Bullock said.

“Renewables are a massively growing employer, this project is just one example of how the economy is growing and the energy industry is evolving,” Semmes said.

There is still some time left before this is official but Bullock and Semmes said they look forward to what this means for the community.

Another public hearing is set for June 28, on this same day, the court will decide whether or not to establish the additional young wind farm reinvestment zone 2.0.

Following approval the construction on the wind farms is expected get underway the end of this year.