WICHITA FALLS (KFDX KJTL) — The global entertainment of wrestling is on high display in Wichita Falls, but the reopening of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame during the COVID-19 pandemic is causing some concern.

The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame has been a big attraction in downtown Wichita Falls for people around the country and across the globe.

The Hall of Fame is beloved by wrestling fans, as it contains the history of the sport.

But with travel on the ropes, board members of the PWHF said the pandemic is making them put some big plans in a chokehold.

“We were unable to celebrate out fifth anniversary of coming to Wichita Falls,” PWHF board member Buck Beeson said. “This was also going to be our 19th annual induction. We were going to bring out 100 wrestlers and unfortunately we had to postpone that.”

Beeson said those events will go on when the crisis slows and businesses and travel returns to normal.

Like many other businesses that attract tourists, board members of the Hall of Fame are concerned with what reopening during this pandemic might look like.

Beeson said the PWHF board has been keeping in close contact with city officials to assess when they’re able to reopen.