NOCONA (KFDX/KJLT) — One of Nocona’s newest businesses is already flourishing and making a big impact on the area.

Virginia-based Color Orchids has been around for almost 10 years.

It started with owner Ben Van Wingerden and his wife selling the beautiful flower.

The company has since expanded into two greenhouse facilities: One in Stevensburg, Virginia and the other right here in Nocona, Texas.

“It’s actually going to beat Virginia. So when this place is finished, we’ll be bigger. And that was one thing that was told to me when I came here is that texas has to be bigger and better,” Van Wingerden said.

The 60,000 square-foot facility in Nocona broke ground in February 2020 and got its first plants in mid-October.

Because sales went through the roof, the company is expanding with 120,000 square feet to add to greenhouse production and a new warehouse.

“There are about 28 million orchids sold in the United States. With this addition, it will make Texas I believe number four for orchid production within the United States,” Van Wingerden said.

After spending around half a million dollars to build the facility with local contractors, Van Wingerden is continuing to keep all money in Nocona.

“Year to date we have paid out over $400,000 in employee compensation. We expect to double our size of employees so we’re hoping that we end up with a $2 million payroll here going to local residents,” Van Wingerden said.

And city officials are certainly thankful to see the company’s impact.

“I think back the second year I was on council, that was when Nocona Boot Company closed,” Nocona Mayor Robert Fenoglio said.

“At the time I thought ‘what will we ever be able to do to get that $11 million in assessed value back?’
Got the meatpacking deal coming, we’ve got Ben and them here, the future of Nocona is just now getting better and better,” Fenoglio said.

“We get a lot of joy out of coming here and seeing the impact that we have,” Van Wingerden said. “The people are so receptive to us that that makes it all the more gratifying.”

What started as a young couple selling a flower bloomed into a business that’s making Nocona blossom.

The company hopes to complete the addition by March of next year.

The company mainly sells to large retailers like Trader Joe’s and Kroger but residents may be able to catch them at local flower shops and Market Street.