Plumbers prepare for their busiest day of the year

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With the family all getting together for Thanksgiving one part of the house that could face some issues is plumbing. Having drains and pipes cleaned before Thanksgiving guests arrive as a preventative is the best way to keep things from clogging, but there are a few easy things you can do to avoid a plumbing disaster this Thanksgiving.

Companies like Brian’s Plumbing in Wichita Falls are getting ready for the busiest day of the year: Thanksgiving.

“You got a whole house full at grandma’s house or mom and dad’s house,” Brian’s Plumbing owner Brian Walser said. “Everybody wants to pitch in and help clean up. Sewer lines get more use than normal and get more activity so it may stop it up there.” 

The most common call plumbers receive surround the kitchen.

“The kitchen sink is the worst. Washing dishes and throwing stuff down the disposal. It’s not very good,” Walser said.

Many garbage disposals clogged and cause a lot of disposal changes and sewer cleanings, but Walser said all of that can be avoided. 

“Just scrape it off in the trash can the best you can,” Walser said. “Nothing down the disposal even though that’s what they say it is for. The food has to travel and the water will outrun the food and when the food is left there it dries out and it will stick.” 

Even though they are out working on Thursday, Walser said he and his crew are happy to help Thanksgiving get back on track.

“It’s gratification,” Walser said. “My guys see it, I saw it when I was in a truck, when you pull up to that house. A bunch of cars are in the driveway and Thanksgiving has kind of shut down because the bathrooms are stopped up or the kitchen sink is stopped up. We get in there, take care of it. We are proud we came and makes you feel good that you took care of them.”

Walser said he wants to stress the importance of knowing the right way to get rid of Thanksgiving scraps, so people can spend more time with family during the holidays and the plumbers who are on call can spend the day with theirs as well.

Another tip is to open cabinets beneath sinks and bathroom fixtures because warmer household air can help prevent the pipes inside from freezing.

For more information from Brian’s Plumbing, click here.

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