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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX KJTL)— Plumbers in our area are trying to educate the public right now about what they believe are potential big dangers heading our way.

During last year’s legislative session lawmakers decided to eliminate the state plumbing code and the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners which caused outrage from licensed plumbers.

Before tonight’s meeting with local plumbers about what they believe are big dangers if just anyone can do plumbing work professionally.

The Texas state board of plumbing examiners keeps a watch over the health and safety of Texans through licensing and regulations.

And, even though Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order to extend the activity of the board for two years, local plumbers are trying to get the public’s attention now.

Plumbers from all over Texas believe those in their profession need to be regulated and licensed to protect those in their communities.

“Then it’s going to be possibly a mess. Who can plumb? Who cannot? Who is going regulate the licenses? Who is going to train the apprentices? Who is going test the apprentices when it comes time to test them? So right now it’s up in the air. So the plumbing community is trying to step up, ” master plumber Billy Link said.

Master Plumber Billy Link said one of the main concerns is anyone would be able to walk into homes without proper training and do plumbing work, causing potential danger.

“Anyone could plumb and do harm to the community, to peoples property without trained people going out to do the job they have been trained to do for years and years and licensed to do what we do to protect our water systems our sewer systems everything to do with plumbing in general,” Link said.

That’s why local plumbers are reaching out to the public spreading on what they say is important information about why there are rules and regulations to do this job.

“The best thing that can happen is the state steps in, our governor, our representatives, and they realize what they are trying to get rid of and abolish is going be a serious mistake in my opinion and it could cause peoples lives before they realize maybe we need to re- think this,” Link said.

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