WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting tingaling too, come on, it’s lovely weather for a trolley ride together with you.

“We’re told by plenty of people that ride that it’s a family tradition and we love that,” Polar Bear Express Operator Robin Kephart said.

All the Christmas traditions that make it feel like the holidays around Wichita Falls have the wheels turning this week before Christmas, getting people of all ages in the spirit [and] there’s no better way to do so than climbing aboard the Polar Bear Express.

“It started in 2014. It was our first tram, one tram they just took to it they started coming out riding it, having a good time it’s become a tradition,” Operator Michael Kephart said.

“We look forward to it every year, getting set up getting ready to go, and we see the same people. Every year the little ones from small to large we’ve been doing it a long time.”

A family favorite and a great way to see the amazing light displays around the country club neighborhood.

“It’s a great way to go see the lights and it’s beautiful, the homes that are decorated in the country club are just so magical, and when you ride on the Polar Bear Express, everyone gets to enjoy it. No one has to worry about driving or looking where they’re going, and it just creates such a special time and special memory for these families. we’re so excited to be able to provide that,” Kephart said.

With music playing, the laughter of families, and lights shining for as far as you can see, a ride will bring you plenty of holiday cheer because after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!

The Polar Bear Express runs every day through Christmas day starting at dusk each night.

They are located right behind the Fantasy of Lights on Hampstead and Council.

You can purchase tickets in person or online. You can view more information here