WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman who was convicted of one theft at the Wichita Falls Atwood’s store is now charged with another there, 5 years later, with similar details.

Christie Ann Boswell, 42, had a new Atwood’s theft charge filed today, February 15, 2023.

This alleged theft occurred February 11, 2021, and the first charge was filed August 5, 2016, for which she was convicted in September 2016. In the new charge papers, Atwood’s employees said she took $236 of merchandise out without paying and told them she believed she had paid for all of it.

When they told her she only paid for $13.16 of merchandise, they said she would pay for the rest but wanted to put it on another card which was in her car.

They said she took the merchandise to her car and never returned, then called to said she would be in the next day to pay the rest, but did not come in then either.

Police said they contacted Boswell, and she admitted owing the money, but said it was a mix-up caused by their faulty card equipment that indicated she paid everything. They said she assured them she would go immediately to pay the rest. Police said she never showed up, and that she lied about details indicating she planned to commit theft.

In 2016, Boswell pleaded guilty to a previous theft at Atwood’s.  

Police said they were called and arrived to see the manager chasing a female in the parking lot, and officers detained her and identified her as Boswell.

The manager and a clerk said Boswell had stood near the front door with an armful of clothes before walking toward the door without paying.

When the cashier asked her where she was going, she said Boswell told her she had a receipt for the items in her car and would be back with it. The cashier and manager followed her out and said Boswell jumped in a car and yelled at the driver “Go!” but the car would not start.

The manager stood in front of the car while calling police and said she began throwing the clothes out the window.

When the car would still not start, they said Boswell got out and ran, just as police arrived on the scene. The value of the clothes was placed at $227.  

Police said Boswell has two convictions for theft.  She has 19 arrests since 2001 which include 2 burglary charges, 3 for theft and 5 drug-related charges.