Political cartoon published in newspapers garners ridicule from Rep. Springer

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In response to a political cartoon depicting a police officer shooting an African-American child in the back which ran in Amarillo Globe-News and Lubbock Avalanche-Journal on Monday, Texas House of Representatives Rep. Drew Springer said he is “outraged” by the illustration.

In a statement released Thursday night, Springer stated, “I am outraged and shocked that these west Texas papers saw fit to attack our men and woman in blue and portray them as cold-blooded murders.”

According to the document, law enforcement officers are 21,000 times more likely to be assaulted by a citizen than they are to do harm, and Springer stated police officers continue to serve community members despite the danger they face on a daily basis.

“The police officers I know in Texas, where I work and live, are outstanding members of their community. The local editors of the papers and their New York owners should be highlighting the exceptional jobs done by our men and women in Texas law enforcement— not mocking and ridiculing their public service,” Springer stated. “There are enough real villains in this world without the need to create new ones— especially not by using local police who are the real-life heroes in our daily lives.”

Because the newspapers that ran the cartoon are owned by individuals not in the area, Springer stated they “misjudged” local police officers that serve the area. 

“The absentee owners of the Amarillo Globe-News and Lubbock Avalanche-Journal perilously misjudged our local police from their homes in New York,” Springer stated. “Unlike other areas of the country, Texas law enforcement officers are participatory members in their community and as such, are quick to sacrifice for their communities.”

To contacted Springer about an issue or any more information on this, Springer encourages people to contact him directly by emailing him here.

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