WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — KFDX and Texoma’s Fox are teaming up with folks at ER Now and Pop-A-Lock to remind everyone that leaving children or pets in a hot car can have deadly consequences, and if someone needs to get into a locked vehicle and fast, Pop-A-Lock can make that happen.

The Pop-A-lock team works quickly to help you get inside your vehicle if you’ve locked your keys inside of the car, or worse, you’ve locked your car and left your child or pet in the back seat.

“The degree of a vehicle can raise 10 degrees, 20 degrees in a matter of minutes,” Vice President of Operations for Pop-A-Lock Eric Cowart said. “The windshield, off the dash, off the leather seats – they just amplify the heat.”

Cowart said they have high call volumes in those hot summer months, with people calling for a variety of things, but no matter the reason, they’re able to help.

“The history of Pop-A-Lock is two sheriffs in Lafayette, Louisiana. They created the business back in the 90s, and they just ran it,” Cowart said.

Running it with the sole intent to be good locksmiths to help people out in their time of need because accidents happen, and sometimes we’re in a rush, and we lock our doors before we grab our keys. Just like our photojournalist and I did as we tried to demonstrate this.

“People – they do call us and they are frantic and they are very concerned and scared and worried and don’t know what to do,” Cowart said.

For a reasonable price, Pop-A-Lock is able to come to any locked vehicle with any of their specialty tools – like this one that inserts just like a key – and send customers on their way.

Cowart said he understands that stress and fatigue can cause drivers to forget to check their backseat, but he again urges everyone to look before they lock their doors because even with their swift help, the situation could still become deadly.

“We’re here to help, and call 911 if you ever get in that situation and, worst case scenario, break a window,” Cowart said.

Before it ever comes to that, simply look before you lock.

It’s also important to remember it’s never safe to leave your children or pet in the car, even if the windows are cracked.

If you see anyone you suspect has been left as a passenger inside of a hot vehicle, please call 911.