WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man was arrested for allegedly trying to falsify a drug test.


According to the arrest warrant, on Mar. 15, 2022 Wichita Falls Police were sent to the parole office on Seymour Highway for a man that had a parole warrant.

Britton Thomas Ancell was arrested. While searching him the officers found a plastic bladder taped to inside of his shirt near his rib cage. The bladder had a tube that ran down near Ancell’s stomach. The bladder was empty and Ancell refused to answer any questions. He was taken to jail for the parole warrant.

The bladder consisted of a waterproof container that had a pocket hand warmer duct-taped to it. There was a tube that ran from the container that was capped. The report noted, “The only reasonable conclusion as to what this is used for is to produce a false urine sample for drug test.”

The hand warmer, according to the report, showed Ancell was intending to produce a false sample at the correct temperature so it would not be detected as false.

Ancell’s parole officer said that he was not giving a urine sample or being drug tested that day. The report noted, “although he was not going to have to submit a sample on the incident date, Ancell was prepared to use the device if needed.”

A warrant was issued, and Ancell was arrested on Friday, Nov. 18. He is charged with Parole Violation and False Drug Test-Falsification Device.

In April 2016, Ancell was arrested when deputies went to a house on Warford Street looking for a man with warrants. They found Ancell instead and discovered he had federal felony warrants.