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When it warms up to some degree, some Texomans may start noticing leaking pipes, this may be due to a lack of prep before the severe weather conditions. 

While dripping faucets may sound counterproductive, officials say this helps.

“I insulate the faucets outside and the house is always nice and warm so I generally don’t have that problem,” resident Dave Hodges said.

But while Hodges knows what to do to prevent these problems, some folks don’t and it may just be a little too late.

“With temperatures, this low, your outside pipes that aren’t protected are already frozen, now what you gotta watch out for is when they start thawing out,” Brian’s Plumbing President Brian Walser said. 

Now officials are sharing the best ways Texomans prevent this in the future.

“Best thing, just kinda leave the faucet dripping, if you have a little heater just open up, especially if you’re on an outside wall, open up that cabinet and have the heater going in there that way it’s keeping that pipe warm,” Journeyman Plumber Coyt Berry said.

But for those folks who did not take these necessary steps,

“At this point, if you don’t have your pipes protected outside, it’s almost a little too late but be prepared to have a way to shut your water off to your house when it starts thawing out,” Walser said.

And that is one reason why Hodges has been proactive because with a lack a preparation this will definitely cost you, whether waiting on the City of Wichita Falls to turn your water off or paying money you didn’t have in this month’s budget, to get it fixed.

And pipes are not the only things officials are reminding Texomans to check, be reminded to change the filters on your heaters regularly, and check systems before the severe cold conditions to prevent any mishaps.

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