President George H.W. Bush to take one final ride

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As those around the country and the world pay their respects and say their goodbyes, we take a look at the engine that will soon transport the 41st president of the United States to his final resting place.

Steve Goen is a Railroad Historian,  who has spoken twice at the Bush Presidential Library, says for the first time in American history a specifically designed engine is being used to pull the train to a Presidential funeral.

“There has not been an American president transported by train since President Eisenhower,” Goen said. “There was no special Eisenhower engine, no special Kennedy engine.” 

The Bush 4141 was specifically designed for President George HW Bush and renamed in his honor.

This was presented to him in 2005 at a railroad exhibit at the Presidential library in College Station.

“Union Pacific surprised him by releasing that engine that had been painted to look at a lot like Air Force One.

It was at some point following this unveiling that the president decided he wanted to be transported in Bush 4141 for his funeral.

“They have left that engine there in North Little Rock all these years in preparation for the day that President Bush finally passed away and that engine will be recalled to service,” Goen said.

But for someone who wasn’t quite in the railroad industry one may wonder where the former president’s love for trains came from.

“His love for trains came through his father who had a business that shipped on the railroads a lot,” Goen said.

Now per his request, a Union Pacific train led by the locomotive, will carry him to his final resting place the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station.

It is said the Bush 4141 will be donated to the presidential library.

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