CLAY CO. (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman who had a murder charge in Clay County dismissed in 2018 has now reached a plea agreement in the same death case.

Trinity Noland Wichita County Jail Booking Photo from Jan. 14, 2020

Trinity Noland, 37, agreed to a plea of manslaughter in the shooting death of Shaun Edward Simpson of Lawton.

According to prison records, Noland was sentenced to three years and eight months in the plea.

In a statement from 97th District Attorney Casy Polhemus said, “This case was tough from the start, and it was with the combined efforts of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers that we were able to accomplish a resolution. In addition, several lengthy meetings with the family led us to this just outcome. We are humbled by their support, and proud to have been able to bring some sense of closure to the family”

Two separate sealed indictments charge her with both manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

The manslaughter charge alleges Noland recklessly caused Simpson’s death, while the other indictment alleges she caused the death by criminal negligence.

The murder charge against Noland was dismissed due to lack of evidence two years after she was arrested.

Clay County officials said Simpson was found lying on his back in a living room with a large pool of blood around his head and body.

Deputies said Noland told them Simpson arrived at the home with a woman and started assaulting her. She said she got her gun out of a safe while the assault continued into the kitchen.

During an altercation with Simpson and another man at the home, Noland said she fired one shot at Simpson.

She later claimed self-defense, something the district attorney and Clay County investigators have said was not supported by the evidence at the scene.

After the murder case was dropped, District Attorney Casey Polhemus released a statement, that the dismissal did not mean the case was closed and authorities would continue working to see justice done.

Though she was never tried for that charge, Noland was convicted and sentenced to seven years for aggravated robbery in March 2019.

A co-defendant in those armed robberies of businesses in Wichita Falls is serving two 25-year prison sentences.