Prop 10 Approved: Qualified caretakers can adopt law enforcement animals

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(KFDX/KJTL) — After Texas voters approved Proposition 10 last Tuesday, handlers and other qualified caretakers can now adopt law enforcement animals. That includes retired dogs and horses.

Corporal Brock Gruner, Lubbock Police Dept. said, “I’ve only had him (Yako) for a few weeks now, already I know that no matter what if I got to the street. He’s gonna do what I ask him to do.”

Yako is a four-year-old Belgian Malinois. He’s trained in narcotics and patrol, and his handler, Brock Gruner, trusts him.

Gruner said, “I can put him in whatever situation I need to and he’s gonna perform as he’s supposed to.”

Before the November election, Yako was considered a surplus or salvage, so when a dog like Yako retired, the county would have to auction him off for purchase.

Gruner said, “I would hate to see that dog just be taken away and have to be given to somebody else.”

94% of voters across Texas approved to change the Texas amendment, making it easier for law enforcement animals such as dogs and horses to be transferred to their handlers.

Gruner said, “I take care of him, I make sure he’s fed, has water and everything else that he’s supposed to have so that he can go to work and be able to do his job.”

Because spending so much time with a dog, Gruner says he becomes a part of the family.

Gruner said, “my bond with that dog is extremely strong”, so going to a good home is important

Gruner said, “having other guys in our unit with bigger yards and things of that nature, would be able to possibly take him and I would know that he would be able to go to a good home and go to people that would love him just as much as we do.”

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