Prosthetic clients find companionship with amputee dog at WF business

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If you ever visit Texoma Orthotics & Prosthetics, Shadow will most likely be the first one to greet you, like the first time he greeted Kay Chandler.

“He came right over to me like ‘Hi’, you know?” Chandler said.

Chandler is a patient at Texoma Orthotics & Prosthetics and said, at first, she thought Shadow was just your average, 1-year-old Lab-mix.

“I didn’t notice it ’til he walked off. It feels like he understands what I’m going through. He’s got three legs, I’ve only got one,” Chandler said.

Shadow is an amputee dog, due to an elbow being dislocated for a long period of time before Connie Chelenza became his companion.

And he loves people; but video-cameras not so much, to which photojournalist SirCalvin Wallace can attest.

Chelenza said why she wanted to bring Shadow to her business in the first place.

“We thought he’d be a perfect addition to our door-greeter service for Texoma Orthotics & Prosthetics since sometimes it takes one to know one,” Chelenza said.

Though he’s only got three legs, Shadow makes up for it with loads of energy.

“He gets along better than I was expecting. He gets stronger every day,” Chelenza said.

Shadow is rewarded for his hard work.

“I know he loves treats. Every time I come, I have to bring treats,” Chandler said.

“He’s spoiled rotten,” Chelenza said.

It’s another story of loyalty, seeing beyond differences and wanting to be loved.

Chelenza said though it’s rare, Shadow will stay behind the counter if a patient might be nervous around dogs. Shadow stays busy, traveling back and forth to Chelenza’s offices in Oklahoma and Wichita Falls.

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