LAWTON (KFDX/KJTL) — The family of Zonterious Johnson held a protest on April 21 outside Comanche County Courthouse.

The sound of the bodycam footage was played several times outside the Comanche County Courthouse as the family demand justice for his death at the hands of Lawton Police.

On January 17, Johnson was shot and killed by a Lawton Police officer after a chase.

The Comanche County District Attorney’s Office cleared the officer of any wrongdoing.

Johnson’s loved ones said bodycam footage shows he did not raise a gun towards the officer, although, the O.S.B.I. report says he did.

“It paints a chilling tale of an overzealous cop who was not justified in firing the fatal shots that took this young man’s life. During a foot pursuit, the officer could be heard yelling for Zonterious to stop or he would be shot, “Oklahoma Coalition Against People Abuse activist Michael Washington said.

The family was joined by Washington who pledges to help the family with court proceedings.

Washington is also a paralegal who helped the family file an intent to sue against the City of Lawton today.

“Regardless of whether he was a threat or not. ‘Stop or you will be shot.’ Listen to the words,” Washington said.

As the family protested outside City Hall, several Lawton Police officers lined there out front.

Several officers stood in front of the building. One officer brought a rifle, much to the dismay of protestors.

“Now you wanna put it up? Now you wanna put it up,” Washington repeatedly said. “We gon’ get justice!”

The family says they want justice for Johnson but they also want the officers to feel their pain and grief over his loss.

“I don’t even want to come out the house anymore. I don’t even want to talk anymore. I don’t wanna be around nobody. I don’t have no family because I can’t stand them because of the hurt I’m going through,” Jan Johnson, Zonterious’s Grandmother, said.

“My family ain’t did nothing to me just like y’all. Y’all kill me and let Zon come back. I’ll give up everything today. Y’all kill me.”

Loved ones willing to give up everything to avenge what they say is the wrongful death of Zonterious Johnson.

An officer on scene says at the last protest for Johnson, the protestors were armed with rifles and officers assumed that would be the case. After seeing the protesters were unarmed, the officer unarmed herself as well.