Rabbit and chick adoptions in demand ahead of Easter Sunday

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Entering the Easter weekend, you might be thinking about what to pack into the Easter baskets. Of course eggs, sweets and treats are a must but what about chicks and bunnies?

Caretakers of the little critters say the demand is incredibly high this time of year but they urge if you make one a pet, make sure you do your research.

Berend Brother’s assistant manager Ryan Powell says the demand for chicks and rabbits doesn’t stop before Easter.

“We’ve had people coming in asking, ‘hey where are the chicks at? Do you have any more? Do you have more coming?’ The demand is just crazy this year,” Powell said.

Powell says they’ve gotten anywhere from 15 to 25 shipments of chicks and rabbits combined. He says many on the lookout for their next fluffy friend want to teach kids how to be responsible pet owners.

“Family has come to town all the time during the Easter weekend so people are excited about having the chickens and the rabbits around with the family, especially the little kids,” Powell said.

“I do see a lot more people wanting bunnies this time of year and a lot more people are contacting me,” rabbit caretaker Tara Nyberg said. “They have a lot of personality and are great pets.”

Nyberg runs T-Squared Rabbitry. She says they get a wait list of requests this time of the year but while they’re a perfect companion, they’re a big commitment.

“They can make really good pets but they do require a lot of care,” Nyberg said. “It’s not quite the same as getting a chicken or something that is going to be in your backyard.”

Nyberg says pets such as rabbits are typically surrendered months after Easter and she suggests to take some time and do your research before taking one home. 

“Usually it isn’t until the rabbit gets bigger and then people are bored of their rabbit, or they need to go on their summer vacation and they don’t want to find a place to keep their rabbit.. So it’s usually later in the summer,” Nyberg said.

“We got lots of handouts we can brief you on, how to get started with the chicks, what the needs are and supplies you can pick up here,” Powell said.

Aside from the resources at Berend Brother’s, Nyberg will also be at the farmer’s market on Saturday.

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