WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With Texoma receiving heavy rainfall throughout the spring season and more expected on the way, many lawn care businesses are feeling the impact, good and bad, of the rain.

Owner of North Texas Tree Expert Mike Ibarra said although the rain is beneficial for just about everyone in the area when it rains for long periods of time, it can put a damper on completing work orders.

“It’s making everything grow real good, it’s making everything look beautiful, the grass is green the the tree leaves are green and it’s keeping us busy,” Ibarra said.

But with business booming, sometimes rain can be a problem rather than a reason business is increasing.

“We have a problem with just getting behind in work we try to be courteous and let everybody know that we can be there at a certain time but that can change with rain and the change with the wind. We spent three days cleaning up after that so that set all the other jobs back,” Ibarra said.

Winds that toppled several trees over here in Wichita Falls. Something that Ibarra said can be prevented.

“Doing like weight reduction taking some of that weight off the ends of the branches keeps it from breaking as easily. Also, you want to thin them out a little bit not over-prune them but prune them enough that the air can pass and it’s not so much drag on the tree where it’s going to snap it and pull it out of the ground,” Ibarra said.

But trees aren’t the only thing benefitting from the rain. Lawns are growing at a rapid rate, something that Public Information Officer for the City of Wichita Falls, Chris Horgen said many residents need to be mindful of.

“If your weeds or your grass is nine inches or more, that’s a pretty hefty height, code enforcement is going to see it or someone is going to call it in and they’re going to come take a look and they’ll measure it and you get a letter,” Horgen said.

A letter giving you 10 days to mow your grass or you could be slapped with a hefty $400 fine.

Horgen said not only can the tall grass be an eye sore, but more importantly, your tall grass could be a danger to passing motorists by blocking your view at intersections potentially causing a crash.

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