WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls is getting regional recognition for the popularity of the “red draw.”

Wichita Falls is featured on Texas Monthly’s The Texanist, a popular advice column by David Courtney, which offers “wisdom” on everything Texan. The article comes after a reader asked whether a beer infused with tomato juice was popular outside of Wichita Falls.

Courtney’s article explains the origins and history of the popular beverage and its link to Wichita Falls.

“Yes, in other places one can find similar, even identical drinks that go by such names as red beers, red eyes, frosty reds, red ices, bloody beers, and even spicy Michalaras,” Courtney wrote. “But red draws by that name are, inarguably, a Wichita Falls thing. Ask anybody familiar with red draws and/or Wichita Falls and they’ll tell you the same.”

Museum of North Texas History is cited in the article to explain the precise origins of the draw.

“Some tell of a 1950s invention at the Bar-L Drive Inn, on 13th Street,” Courtney wrote. “Some say the potion was formulated at the old Rock Inn on the Old Iowa Park Road. And still, others say the drink showed up in the 1960s, thanks to the presence of hungover German pilots who were stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base.”

However, as the article states, P2–The Deuce for decades has called itself “Home of the Red Draw.” P2 is the oldest bar in town and serves “twelve ounces of Budweiser draft beer and four ounces of Campbell’s tomato juice served in a frosty sixteen-ounce mug.”

The tomato juice and beer combo was also picked up by Southern Living in an article, Does Wichita Falls’ “Red Draw” Exist Anywhere Besides This Texas Town?”

The article written by Perri Ormont Blumberg ends with “These days, we think we’ll simply opt to find a bit of Wichita Falls in our kitchen. Pass the tomato juice and beer, please.”

Don’t you agree?