Not only is it back to school for the little kids the big kids are making future plans for college this semester.

the folks a the Vernon College Campus off of Maplewood are eager to see more students enroll at their biggest location!

On the day you register for college for the very first time, It’s always nice to have a little help.

“As far a college goes, I think it’s a very good college because everyone is so helpful, and friendly I have not had a bad experience so far since I’ve been here.” Bryant Fox, Future Student.

Vernon College officials are happy to see students like Bryant fox in the registration line. In fact vice president of instructional services, Elizabeth Crandell expects to see more than a 1,000 students decide to continue their education at the Century City Center Campus.

“Well, it looks like it might be up some this semester, Typically between all of the sites, we will have around 3 thousand students, sometimes 4 thousand so we’re anxious to find out how many we’ll have this year.” Dr. Elizabeth Crandell, VP of Instructional Services

Crandell is new to Vernon College, but not to community colleges as a whole, working previously in south Florida, Arkansas and, New Mexico, but she says her new home in Wichita Falls seems to be the perfect fit.

“This is a wonderful place to work it’s a family. Everybody knows each other, supports each other and that carries over to our students. Everybody cares for our students and wants to help.” Dr. Elizabeth Crandell VP of Instructional Services.

That’s where students like Camry Rodriguez come in straight out high school and member of the peer to peer mentorship program, she is already applying her associate’s degree in teaching by helping new students like her.

“My philosophy has always been to push others to succeed in whatever their path of life is. So I chose to teach because I really do believe if..whenver I get my own students, I want them to be successful whether they choose the military, higher education or the workforce.” Camry Rodriguez, Student

While it’s not the typical college experience It doesn’t make much difference to some students

“When you go on social media, people are out having…Out in the dorms decorating, they’re finding new roommates, but then I think..yeah but I’m still getting a college experience, it’s just a different one. I have met different people here, I have gotten really close with the faculty which I don’t feel like I would’ve had at a university.” Camry Rodriguez, student

That flexibility plus, affordability is why many turn to places like Vernon, something college officials hope continues this semester and beyond.

There are more than 300 courses to choose from at Vernon, for more information, click here!