WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— Three years of smiles, hugs, friendships and serving clients with the Kitchen’s Meals on Wheels program is what makes Cara so unique.

“My kids have additional family members now just from the Meals on Wheels program,” Smith said.

Helping Meals on Wheels and sharing laughter with others isn’t the only thing Cara does to serve our community and build relationships.

“I’ve been with Scouts since my son was in Kindergarten and he’s now in Fifth grade. We just volunteer as much as possible, I’m also a substitute teacher too,” Smith said.

Before becoming engaged in the community, Cara put her husband first after he served in the military for ten years.

“He came back with injuries, I became his caregiver by mostly managing the medicine that he takes,” Smith said.

In fact, Cara’s husband, Ray nominated her for our Remarkable Women initiative.

“What she does, often as a mom and outstanding community member sometimes goes unnoticed,” Cara’s husband, Ray Smith said.

Proving that even with everything she does for her community and her family, Cara is part of what makes someone remarkable.

“She wears her emotions on her sleeves per say, you don’t have to guess what she’s feeling, she’s remarkable in every way. I love her to death and I think everyone else would feel the same once they get to know her,” Ray Smith said.